LSS is a multi-disciplinary organisation devoted to creative ICT solutions for better informed decisions, operations and resource allocation. Our services Include:

Experience Record

    LSS Limited has significant experience in analysis, design, development, testing and deployment of WEB-based applications for monitoring and evaluation systems, planning and budgeting systems, revenue management systems; and integrated management systems. The following are the projects we have done on the systems we have mentioned:

  • The Monthly Monitoring System (MMS) designed, developed, tested and implemented by LSS at the Ministry of Finance, supported by GIZ provides for planning and monitoring of developmental projects and programmes across all Ministries, Provinces and Spending Agencies (MPSA) . It provides for data captured at the lowest level (using computers, mobile phones, and tablets) and aggregated.
  • The Hospital M&E Systems is a anonymous patient level system for monitoring service delivery in all departments of the hospitals in Zambia. It generates indicators used for decision making both within the hospital and by the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders.
  • The NCC database now WEB based was designed, developed, tested and implemented by LSS at the National Council for Construction. It provides for registration of contractors with validation of each class or registration for assets, personnel, and other criteria, tracking of contracts inspections, materials used, personnel responsible, clients for each contract. Inspectors capture findings using tablets and mobile phones and direct access to previous inspection reports. Constriction projects are also monitored providing up to date status of construction projects across Zambia.
  • The S3P Project M&E Systems designed, developed, tested and implemented by LSS at the Ministry of Agriculture provides for electronic surveys, evaluation , selection and capacity building of farmer organisations in Northern, Luapula and Muchinga provinces. Relying on mobile service providers for Internet services, the system allows for offline data capture and updating of the central database when the teams reach where data services are accessible. Stakeholders are able to track progress online and advise teams to verify outlier entries, omissions and make corrections
  • The SADC Integrated Management System (SIMS) (WEB based) designed, developed and implemented by LSS provides functions for resource mobilisation, planning and budgeting, monitoring and evaluation and risk management and is closely integrated with the financial management system. The projects component allows each project to be defined, budgeted for and tracked with reports for both the client and the Cooperating partners on progress made. The results based approach taken provides for milestones, outputs, outcomes to be tracked.
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